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Special Açaí Pulp

This pulp is elaborated to reinforce its essential vitamins, proteins and minerals maximum performance, without any additional artificial process. Contains 14% of solid açaí in a sachet of 100 grams, and can be prepared as juice, as smoothie or as açaí bowl.

Medium Açaí Pulp

This pulp is made with bigger açaí bits and contains 12% of solid açaí, which makes it more tasteful and eliminates a powder flavor.

Açaí Zero

This pulp is elaborated with zero sugar, but stevia, without harming the natural fruit flavor. It’s recommended for those that can’t eat sugar, especially for those with diabetes.

A3 Natural Power Blend

This is a special line for energy recovery and health enhancing. Developed for athletes and fighters, it has no additives what makes it a great natural source of proteins in substitution of artificial products after a hard training. It contains 24% of açaí what reinforces the natural proteins and can be consumed as an açaí bowl, as juice or as ice cream.

A3 Zero

This is a special line developed for athletes and gymnasts, as a source of natural proteins, without any additives, and is recommended in substitution of artificial products after a hard training. It contains 22% of açaí, what reinforces the natural proteins and can be tasted as juices, ice-creams. It recovers energy for our bodies and enhance our health.

Açaí Ice Cream

Delicious, natural and it`s made with bananas and guaraná. It`s a creamy, tasteful, and it can be taken in hot or cold weathers, as it`s made with natural pasteurized fruits and it`s a sophisticated dessert. It`s delicious with granola, fruits and syrups.

Normal Acerola

This acerola pulp is made from the trees of acerolas, but yet, as they’re pasteurized, the fruit is protected against noxious microorganisms and its nutritional skills are kept in the pulp.

Biological Acerola

This is a tropical fruit, rich in Vitamin C, appreciated in juices with oranges, combats stress, protects the body from diseases. This pulp is used very simply, it may be taken alone, with orange or other citrical fruits, it’s delicious! The biological acerola is made from the biological acerola, that is grown by a total natural agricultural process.


This is a typical fruit from the northeast of Brazil and, besides being rich in Vitamin C, also contains iron and carotenoids, what contributes for stronger teeth and bones. It’s bitter, and delicious to be taken as ice cream, juices and syrups. Great to be prepared as  sauces in gastronomic dishes.

Cupuaçu Pulp

This fruit is from the north of Brazil. Its known as its unique creamy flavor, that contains polyphenols phyto nutrients that are specially recommended to breathing problems. Besides this, it`s rich in Vitamin C, B and A, selenium and Calcium. It` delicious in juices, ice-creams, desserts and syrups and sauces.

Graviola Pulp

This fruit has a bittersweet light taste and we can do juices, jellies, ice-creams, syrups, cakes. There are several scientific studies that attributes to the Graviola several medicinal attributes, including against cancer. But, yet, it`s delicious to taste it.

Guava Pulp

This is a very popular fruit in Brazil, largely consumed by most of Brazilian. It`s used in desserts and in juices. You can make your own goiabada if you get this pulp, as it`s pure fresh fruit. It`s rich in vitamins proteins and minerals and its taste is unique, giving us an amazing experience.

Mango pulp

This fruit is well known around the world and its pulp is a perfect opportunity to take all of its benefits in juices, sauces, syrups, jellys, and so on.

Muruci pulp

This is a fruit from the north region of Brazil and it`s known by its light bitter sauce and unique aroma. It`s good for any intestine treatment, and it may be used in juices, jellies, ice creams, cakes and, recently, was used to produce a beer…

Maracujá Pulp

This is a very popular fruit from the tropics, known also as passion fruit. In Brazil, it`s in its yellow and bigger fruit, and its taste is stronger and its aroma is also used in the beauty. You can make juices, ice-creams, jellies, cakes, and so on…

Tamarindo Pulp

This is a fruit that is largely known in Europe, however, when in frozen pulp, this fruit has its characteristics enlarged what makes it as a natural resource of sweetness to be taken as juices, jellies, ice-creams and sauces.


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